Aged or severely injured skeletal muscle is associated with reduced regenerative capacity and force production. Contributing factors include loss of functional contractile tissue and neuromuscular junctions, heightened inflammation, excessive collagen deposition, and dysfunctional stem cells. On-going projects in the laboratory are aimed at improving the regeneration and function of skeletal muscle following injury, disease or aging. The current projects include:


  • Development and evaluation of laminin-111 enriched biomaterials for skeletal muscle tissue engineering

  • Development and evaluation of aligned decellularized scaffolds for skeletal muscle tissue engineering

  • Electrical and mechanical stimulation of myotubes in 2D and 3D microenvironments

  • Biomimetic sponges for skeletal muscle and bone regeneration

  • in vitro model of aged extracellular matrix and evaluation of mesenchymal stem cell interactions

  • Modeling of skeletal muscle length-tension curve to predict architectural features of skeletal muscle

  • Injectable mesenchymal stem cell microspheroids for tissue regeneration


Our research interests include cell and tissue engineering, extracellular matrix based biomaterials, stem cells, immune response, skeletal muscle, and neuromuscular junctions.


Funding Sources:

  • President's Research Fund (Saint Louis University)

  • Beaumont Faculty Development Fund (Saint Louis University)

  • KEEN Program Transformation Grant (SLU/KEEN)

  • National Institute of Health (NIGMS) 1R15GM129731

  • Department of Defense (PRORP) OR170286

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